Professional Car Wash T700 Range

Tammermatic T700

Attract Cash Flow With
Exceptional Washing Results

Tammermatic’s T700 series was developed for a completely new kind of car wash service. In addition to improving customer satisfaction, the high quality solution generates additional cash flow to service station owners.

The ultra-modern T700 series outshines all previous machines by delivering spotless, polished results with unparalleled speed. The faster wash programs of the T700 series help to increase washing capacity during peak periods, allowing you to put more money in the box at the end of the day. Washing chemical usage is also fully adjustable to current conditions, generating additional savings.

Wider wraparound brushes, advanced wheel washing options, more efficient high pressure wash programs and other innovations guarantee a second-to-none washing result. 30 different washing programs can be saved in the machine. The washing programs are completely customisable. The T700 series machines feature a unique vehicle shape recognition system, which enables the machine to wash even the most unusual vehicles and, for example, cars with skibox without the need of special washing programs.

All T700 machines are tailored to customer specifications and local conditions. Wash programs and wash chemical quantities are remotely adjustable, resulting in superior quality, optimal performance and satisfied customers regardless the season.

Superior Wash Quality And Speed

The Key Points Of Customer Satisfaction

More Speed Means More Washes Per Hour

  • five simultaneous operations
  • top brush and nozzle operate simultaneously
  • smooth machine movement thanks to four AC inverter drives
  • simultaneous top and side high pressure wash
  • quick and easy to exit, quick and easy drive out when washing program ends at back of the vechicle

Superior Wash Quality And Customers Will Be Back For More

  • chemical consumption can be adjusted to season and current weather conditions
  • high performance zero degree high pressure sprays
  • large, soft and quiet brushes
  • high performance roof dryer (double power)
  • aerodynamically correct drying – from front to back.

Additional Services And Safety Features

For A More Profitable Washing Service

Additional Services - Better Average Costs Per Wash

  • tire shine function
  • ShineLux or ShineLux AirWax polishing
  • RainLux wax coating
  • LavaFoam or TricolorFoam function
  • remote monitoring through TammerControl
  • unmanned stations (no personnel costs, open 24/7).

Safety - Everyone Feels Comfortable Washing Their Car

  • vehicle shape recognition: all washing programs are suitable for all vehicles, no risk of damage to vehicles
  • excellent uptime (proactive maintenance)
  • safety bars stop oversized vehicles from entering the bay
  • bright LED signal lights are visible even in bright sunlight
  • easy to exit, quick and easy drive out when washing program ends at back of the vechicle
  • continuous video recording prevents misconduct and vandalism and improves safety.

Choose Your Own

And We'll Tailor It To Your Needs

Customer Specific Solutions - Stand Out From The Competition

thanks to a wide range of options and accessories, our products can be adjusted exactly to your needs

  • new, rounded design
  • available in a range of colours
  • select from 12 different brush colours
  • available with or without a front panel
  • front panel designs can be customised to comply with customers’ corporate image
  • selectable washing height and width
  • progress indicators for the washing program
  • environmentally-friendly Swanline chemicals
  • chemical use optimisation helps protect the environment
  • fully modifiable washing programs – direction of movement and functions can be adjusted freely

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