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About Tammer UK Ltd

Experts in the field of Commercial Vehicle Washing Equipment

With more than 40 years’ experience as suppliers of commercial vehicle washing equipment to the British market, Tammer UK are continuing their growth within the industry.

Ongoing development has been the result of a long standing relationship as UK distributors for the successful worldwide manufacturer Tammermatic, based in Tampere, Finland.

The UK company now has available the very latest and highly advanced Rainbow Ultima Fleet Wash range, which incorporates improvements at the wash bay that are the direct result of close contact and feedback between field engineers and factory design team. And what better test bed in which to develop these improvements than the rugged operating conditions and climate of Finland! Currently Tammer UK supply and install commercial vehicle washing equipment, service, repairs, call outs and a offer a full range of vehicle cleaning products.

“Our relationship over 43 years with Tammermatic in Finland means that we have a very good understanding of the company, its personnel and products”, said Tammer UK’s director, John Taylor. “We introduced Touchless High Pressure Washing into the UK over 25 years ago, and our latest Rainbow Ultima machines are multi functional from 2 & 3 brush rollover systems to drive thru, brushless and combined cleaning units. Attention to detail is given with our equipment and thus they are specifically designed to clean both standard and irregular shaped vehicles – tankers, refuse, utilities, refrigerated etc.” The Rainbow Ultima is ideal for washing all regular and temperature controlled vehicles – rigids and semi-trailers, tankers, larger box vans, buses, coaches, fire engines, smaller vans and even cars.

The Rainbow Ultima introduces the latest advanced programme features including a new pre-wash chemical system, in addition to the latest three brush current controlled sensing. It is perfectly suited for irregular shaped vehicles such as bulk food carriers, tankers, as well as regular shaped refrigerated vehicles and trailers.

Features of the Ultima include a hotdip galvanised steel frame, stainless steel and galvanised cladded steel sheets (integral side brush splash screens), pre-wash and high pressure applications, large/small vehicle selection, three/two brush programme, two-brush drive-thru programme, intensified rear-wash (back-on feature), back-off feature, override programme for side mirrors, override programmes for vertical protrusions, and artic gap sensing.

Technical issues are dealt with by Tammer UK’s Richard Nokes and Steven Lister
who have both been involved throughout, from the early days of Tammermatic equipment in the UK.

Tammer UK Ltd is able in fact to supply all your commercial vehicle washing needs – equipment of tested quality incorporating the latest innovations for increased efficiency, sales and service, repairs, and chemicals.

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