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  • December- Two new Jet Wash units ordered for Hinkley Power station
  • December- Tammer fleetwash soap provided for G4S in Devon
  • November- Three new Tammer Jet Wash systems for Dreghorn Barracks in Scotland
  • October- Rainbow Ultima quote supply works in London
  • August – Tammer fleetwash soaps supplied to WMP locations
  • July- New dryer blowers for Amazon locations
  • July- Two more static hot pressure washers for BT
  • June –  Service contracts agreed with ADS for RAF/US visiting forces bases
  • May – Two new Jet Wash units agreed for Buckinghamshire & Milton Keynes Fire & Rescue
  • April – Water Reclaim System works for Greggs Bakery & DHL TT Liverpool 
  • April – New Tammer Jet Wash & Water Reclaim or RAF Menwith Hill, Harrogate
  • March – Tammer Jet wash boom system installed for WM Police
  • March – Latest static hot pressure washer for BT in East Yorkshire
  • February – Fleetwash equipment & Jet Wash parts for RAF York
  • February – New Jet Wash for Heathrow Airport
  • January – Tammer parts & works for the MOD RM in Scotland


  • December- Fleetwash equipment & works for AF Blakemore in West Midlands
  • November- Carwash supply & works for Saracens SS, Stansted
  • August – Tammer Jet Wash units installed for Manchester Airport & Road King Truck Stops
  • July- Fleetwash supply & works for RAF Bedfordshire
  • June – New Tammer Jet Wash installed for DHL Tradeteam, Knowsley
  • May – Tammer Jet Wash units installed for The Falkland Islands Company & Fullers Brewery,London
  • April – Water Reclaim System works for Greggs Bakery & DHL TT Liverpool
  • April – New Tammer Jet Wash & Water Reclaim or RAF Menwith Hill, Harrogate.
  • March – Tammer Jet wash boom system installed for BT Cornwall
  • February – Fleetwash equipment & works for AB Haulage in Scotland
  • January – Tammer parts & system for Ansa Environmental depot in Middlewich


  • Nov – Tammer various equipment for RAF Menwith Hill, Harrogate.
  • Oct – New Rainbow Ultima Fleetwash, Jet Wash & Hot Pressure washer for Cheshire Council
  • Sept – Tammer jet wash installed for BT in Cumbria
  • August- Two new Hot Jet Wash units for JLR at Fen End, Kenilworth
  • July- Water Reclaim System works for M&S Warrington & RAF East Yorkshire
  • April – Jet Wash installed in Aylesbury
  • March – Tammer Jet wash installed for RM in East Anglia
  • February – Tammer Jet Wash boom system for South Staffs Water
  • January – Fleetwash & works for TNT Depots in the Midlands


  • December- Fleetwash & Jet Wash works for RM in Scotland
  • November – Hot Pressure Wash unit for M&S in Sheffield area
  • October – RAF base remedial supply & install works
  • August – Side screens supplied and installed for M&S North Yorkshire
  • July – New Jet Wash for National client delivered to Carlisle
  • April – Tammer Fixed Jet Wash for large distribution network in Bradford
  • February – New Air tower supplied and fitted in Glasgow
  • January – Tammer Rainbow Fleetwasher installed in Lancashire


  • December- Systems and works completed for MOD in Oxfordshire
  • November – Cleaning equipment sent to Ayrshire
  • September – Tammer Fixed Jet wash supplied to British Embassy
  • April – Tammer Fixed S or steel high-pressure unit installation for Western Power in Hereford
  • March – The latest Rainbow Ultima fleet washer installed in South West
  • March – Tammer jet wash installed for BT in Belfast
  • February – The latest design jet wash and boom system for CCG in Glasgow
  • January – New Tammer pressure washer for private customer installed in Dorset


  • October – Ultima Fleet Washer installed for TJ Morris Ltd (Home Bargains) at their new large distribution site in Amesbury, Wiltshire.
  • July – Second of the very latest designs, new model Rainbow Ultima Fleet Washer installed for Berendsen UK Ltd in London
  • June – New Tammer mobile pressure washer installed at RAF Peterborough
  • May – The first UK installation of our very latest Rainbow Ultima model at Expect Distribution in Bradford. The Ultima is the very latest design in our Rainbow Fleet Wash equipment range, replacing the long-standing reliable Classic model.
  • March – Three new Tammer jet wash systems with vacuums supplied and installed for West Yorkshire Police. Another jet wash system supplied to Leicestershire Police and one for BT in Canterbury


  • In 2013, we supplied and installed jet wash equipment for West Midlands, Greater Manchester and Leicestershire Police.
  • November – Rainbow Classic Fleet Washer installed for W. Boyes in Scarborough
  • In August we completed another Jet Wash for the RAF in Bedfordshire
  • Tammer jet wash systems supplied and installed at Punchards Uttoxeter, 24/7 transport in Hastings and Royal Marines HQ in Liverpool


  • May – Rainbow sale to Marks & Spencer’s Plc at their latest state-of-the-art distribution depot in Castle Donington


  • Sweden Tammermatic Group has delivered an ecologically friendly RJ1016-6D train washer to Stockholm Public Transport’s new service depot at Södertälje
  • November – TJ Morris purchased a Rainbow Classic for their “Home Bargains” flagship depot in Liverpool
  • Greggs Plc acquired a Rainbow Classic at the Longbenton plant in Newcastle upon Tyne


  • Rainbow sale to Marks & Spencers Plc at their new distribution depot in Bradford
  • 2 RAF sales in Oxford and Cambridge to provide Rainbow fleet wash and other equipment


  • Tammermatic and Scania have formed a global partnership. Scania CV AB and Tammermatic Group Oy have signed a framework agreement for heavy vehicle washing systems and related services
  • Scania has created a global concept for its centres for which Scania will procure the heavy vehicle washing systems from the Tammermatic Group
  • Tammer have been successful in winning or retaining the British Telecom Fleet supply and maintenance contract

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