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At Tammer UK, we take pride in the excellent reputation that we have built across the UK. We are one of the leading suppliers of vehicle jet wash systems in the UK designed for cars as well as both light and heavy goods vehicles. If you’re looking for a quality-assured, vehicle jet wash system, get in touch. We supply equipment that is simple to operate, including low-maintenance systems for transport depots, static and mobile vehicle wash machines, equipped with high-pressure lances. Our vehicle jet wash systems are fitted with automatic frost protection and are compatible with a wide variety of cleaning products. All our products can be delivered across the UK and have 12-months’ free warranty.

Easy To Use And Hard Wearing

The water jet systems at Tammer UK are designed to clean efficiently both with brush and high-pressure options, cleaning the vehicle’s grooves and even those parts where your vehicle has a more challenging shape.

Key features of our jet wash equipment:

  • Hard-wearing
  • Easy to use
  • Ecologically friendly
  • Low-maintenance
  • Mobile and forecourt types available
  • Equipped with emergency stop buttons
  • Automatic frost protection
  • Compatible with a variety of cleaning products

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