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Tammer supply and install a number of Fleet & Jet Wash boom systems to aid cleaning of customer vehicle fleets.

The use of these boom systems help the operator users to move around the vehicles much easier, whilst ensuring hp hoses are kept from trailing and snagging on the concrete wash bay floor,etc..The booms can be fitted with auto retract arms and all have Stainless Steel purpose lance holder/brackets for safe storage.

We offer a mix of fully hot dipped Galvanised and Stainless Steel booms, including auto retract arms, Gantry stanchions for high level fix points, 90d or 180d moving arms to suit both the particular site requirement use and vehicle types and sizes. Each system is manufactured to best suit the vehicles and customers needs, ranging from cars up to Arctic vehicles if required.

Ideal For LGV & HGV Vehicles

For larger vehicles we can install fixed upright Gantry stanchions with moving boom arm/s 180d or 90d to each side of the wash bay ensuring full cleaning of the largest trucks can be cleaned manually if required.

Tammer also offer a range of Auto retract  hose Reel systems using Stainless Steel or Mild Steel components.

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